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Kegel Exerciser With APP & Powerful Vibration-Tightening Balls Elvira

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  • Xuất Châu Âu
  • Vibrating Kegel Balls
  • Tập các bài tập Kegel balls giúp tăng sức mạnh cho vùng cơ âm đạo, cơ chậu sàn, thư giãn sinh lý nữ
  • Silicon
  • Hình dáng bóng Kegel đặc trưng với 12 chế độ Siêu rung mạnh mẽ, chống nước 100% và có APP điều khiển qua Smartphone
  • 32mm
  • 145mm
  • 145mm
  • Bin lithium ion
  • 50gram
  • Full box
  • Theo quy định
Surely you know the usefulness of Kegel Balls, it is especially good for women after birth because of the ability to help restore the strength, tightness of the vagina. But the question is What kind of kegel ball is good for us to choose? The following, let's find uot about Kegel Exerciser With APP & Powerful Vibration Tightening Balls Elvira.

vibrating kegel balls with app control alvira

Elvira has the shape of a traditional kegel ball, the ball is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower are very balanced. The hollow point on Kegel Ball body is where the pelvic floor muscle embraces the ball, holding the weight of Kegel Ball.

Different from others non-motor kegel balls, Elvira uses its powerful vibrating to make it difficult for vaginal muscle to hold the ball. Other way, its vibrating impulse stimulate the vagina's sensitivity, which helps the vagina increase its ability to working well. These two extremes seem to be oppesite, but actually they complement each other very closely.

bóng kegel có hiệu quả không
powerful 12 functions of vibrating kegel ball
Elvira Ball has a 100% premium silicon coating, excellent safety absolutely waterproof, Elvira Kegel Ball meet RoHS and C.E standards and this product also for European consumers.

vibrating kegel ball for tightening exerciser
bóng kegel elvira nhìn từ mặt nghiêng

Elvira has a very convenient silicone finger strap wire-Put your finger in this hole and control Vibrating Ball direction, a soft control button at the top of the wire turn On/Off and also change 12 modes of vibation easily. "DC" hole on the back is rechargeable hole of this product.

easily use with one button
actual size of vibrating kegel ball
Tightening Exerciser Kegel Ball Elvira is a 2 in 1 product, it is also a Powerful Vibrating Bullet Egg, it has a diameter of 32mm and total lenghth of 145mm.

Elvira Kegel Ball uses a 5-volt power source from the USB port to recharge it. While charging, the indicator light will blink on the power button to until the indicator light turn off (battery is full).

Kegel Exerciser With APP & Powerful Vibration Tightening Balls Elvira has its own APP for you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You know, there are lots of interesting things about controlling it by your phone, please examine yourself...

dowload app to use kegel ball
pretty love app control by phone
modes of control app
smart vibrator control by app for smartphone
elvira kegel exerciser tightening ball

Buy it now by contacting to Master Khanh: 035689.3889

Adult Store add: No 95 Hoang Dieu St, Hai Chau Dis, Da Nang City, Viet Nam

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